"   What are Immortal races afraid of? Certainly there is no need to fear death, and this mortal demise so often drives any phobia – of open water, scattering insects, grotesque monsters in the night. But the devastating emotion still runs deep, free of mortality. An immortal woman still fears for her children as much as any other, she fears for her lover when he fights alongside her in a time of war. The unease towards pain and loss still prevailed over their lives, for in an infinite life there is much more time to lose sight of one you may have loved, there is much more time to witness the pain of others and to carry an inward anguish.
This matter was spoken of in great monologues and animated debate for what seemed to be an entire evening, until the sky unveiled its vast array of white magic. It gleamed across the dark canvas which would forever connect their estranged, distant worlds.   "
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Absolutely in love with Porter Robinson’s “Lionhearted” music video.

Ahh the best gif set of my stint in Porter’s new vid!

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Flora Borsi - Iréel